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About Krack

Krack is a folk music group from Gotland, Sweden, that play music mostly from Sweden and Ireland.

Krack started 2000 and the members are:

Clara Andermofiddle, mandola
Jennikel Anderssonfiddle, concertina
Lisa Klevebrantflutes, tin whistles, harp
Erik Ronströmguitar, bouzouki, mandola
Johan Ronströmmandolin, mandola, percussion

Example tunes

We wanted to host some of the music from our CDs here, but because of copyright issues we cannot.

You can find some tracks on our myspace, though!

Or why not - buy the CDs!


Köp den nu!

We have two CDs, "Krack", that was released in 2004 and "Fru Fortuna", summer 2009, from Sandkvie Records.

You can order our CDs right here on the web. If you are on Gotland, you can visit Hedbergs Bok- & Musikcafé, Åkesson Musik or Kvinnfolki and buy them there!


If you want to hire us, or just ask anything, contact us at, or call Erik at +46 73 922 97 99!

If you want to send us postal mail, the address is

c/o Ronström Klevebrant
S:t Olofsgränd 2
621 55 Visby

KRACK, c/o Klevebrant Ronström, S:t Olofsgränd 2, 621 55 Visby, SWEDEN, +46 498 12 12 59